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Roma vs Inter live stream 2017. Roma vs. Inter Milan Predictions, Betting tips, and Live Stream: Giallorossi to bag a tough home win



A lot of time and energy are wasted reacting to the over-the-top, often spurious reactions of others. Take the fallout after Roma’s final preseason game against Celta Vigo. Barely half an hour had been played, and they were 3-0 down. At half-time, it was 4-0, and irrespective of the fact that it was an exhibition game played in the August heat and that Di Francesco went with a second-string side in light of Roma playing Sevilla 72 hours earlier, all hell broke loose. Di Francesco’s entire career was called into question. He was branded as “another Zdenek Zeman” — a reckless coach. Honestly, what were Roma thinking hiring him after his most underwhelming season at Sassuolo?

Predictably overblown, Di Francesco spent the next week putting out fires and defending his ideas, influences, track record and experience. Not for the first time, you were left wondering what’s harder for a Roma manager: managing the hot and cold fronts of the ambiente, the swirl of environmental pressures that condition the atmosphere around the club, or toppling Juventus, Napoli and the Milanesi?

Broad shoulders and a thick skin are essential in this job. We’re not in Sassuolo anymore, a place Di Francesco admits was “without pressure” and at times “too relaxed.” In Rome, the birthplace of the paparazzi, you can’t move without a flashbulb blasting in your face, and Spalletti isn’t the only one to be worn down by it. Luis Enrique quit Roma after a single season. His reason: burnout.

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